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"Do you remember our place where we used to meet Down by the sea And all the crazy plans we made And the promises, we swore to keep I was young and so were you But we both could feel our love was true There was nothing in this world That we couldn't do... oh... I'll go back in time, to when you were mine I would trade my life for one more summer with you I'll erase my mind, if I could rewind I would trade my life for one more summer with you Do you remember all the songs that you used to play and I used to write, and all the fantasies we had Of becoming stars, over a night Now I am here and I am proud of What I've achieved, on my own But success can not replace ou and without you, I'm no one... I'll go back... I found my love when I was seventeen And you, you were on fire, the queen of my heart And we, we were on fire, fire invincible team And we promised we would never part But then one day in the beginning of fall When the rain pushed the summer away I went back to our place, and you were gone, They told me that you left that same day... Oh... oh... I'll go back... "
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