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Слушать бесплатно Chalk Tablet Tower

Исполнители: ft. St. Vincent
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Текст песни
[Verse 1: 2-D] Chalk tablet towers, like drawing shadows Chemical distractions, you are not with me I departed in the spring, to a distant star But I could not get back, I had gone too far (O-o-o-oh) [Chorus: 2-D & St. Vincent] I wanna get drunk I wanna get stoned I wanna give up I wanna go ho-o-o-ome [Verse 2: 2-D & St. Vincent] Watching rockets take off from a parting sea How will I ever touch you if you are not with me? (O-o-o-oh, out here) There's only silence (Out here) No form of contact (Out here) I am dreaming, looking into the darkness (O-o-o-oh) [Bridge: 2-D & St. Vincent] Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) Oh (Oh) (O-o-o-oh) [Verse 3: 2-D & St. Vincent] I won't be back 'til the end of summer, will you still be therе? I won't give up on you, darling, just tell me that you carе I don't need no trophies, no cell with a view There's nothing I wouldn't give one minute with you, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh [Outro] (You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh) (You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh) (You, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
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