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"Farewell, now, my sister Up ahead there lies your road And your conscience walks beside you It's the best friend you'll ever know And the past is now your future It bears witness to your soul Make sure that the love you offer up Does not fall on barren soil For the wind cries of late In the whispering grass Our way of life is held In the spinning wheels of chance I believe in a way of long ago And the sounds I believe rose our glow And we're changing our ways Yes, we are taking on different roads Tell me more about the forest That you once called home For the wind cries of late In the whispering leaves And the sun will turn to waste The heavens we build above Father, teach your children To treat our mother well If we give her back her diamonds She will offer up her pearl We must sing her creation song Jeune du monde Invoke the spirits that feed us This dreaming takes too long But I'm not bitter, no, I'm surviving To face the world, to raise the future So why don't you tell me, come on and tell me About the world you left behind Can you tell me? "
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