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Would you like a drink with me? (If you don’t mind, can I talk to you if it’s all right) I want your body close to mine (All night, while we’re dancing in the moonlight) We could spend the night in ectasy (Kissing, touching, caressing) You know that you don’t have to leave (Tonight) Saying why didn’t I go home with you tonight. In fresh from out of town Just breezed in so I thought I’d take a look around And find a party where the vibe is right I’m talking maybe meet a honey take her home tonight, So shades on, top’s off the whip Taking in the sigths as I cruise the strip As I pull up to a red light I see the pretty little shorty in my headlights. This girl looked half black yet half oriental Man this chick’s got class & style I’d like to ask her for her credentials Name, address, numbers to dial She plays tuff when deep down she’s gentle Ain’t that hard to read the signs The girl bangs like dre instrumentals Well here’s an acappella of mine [CHORUS] Two all up in the club Got my game tight about to tear it up Could be a night that I won’t forget Boy I’m lookin for a honey & I’m a confident I was… dancing but I had to stop Whe I clocked this fly girl wearing a halter top She had her hair done nails right This seсorita had a booty that was so tight She was a… hot girl looked continental Damn, her body looked so fine The way she spoke I saw her potential If looks could kill then she’d do time I don’t claim to speak perfect spanish But I do know a few lines This female’s sliker than your average And I gotta make her mine So, quieres beber conmigo? (If you don’t mind, can I talk to you, if it’s all right) Quiero sentir tu cuerpo (All night while we’re dancing in the moonlight) Haz el amor conmigo (Kissing, touching, caressing) Ya no me dejes solo Saying why didn’t I go home with you… Tonight I’m from the distance admiring Girl you’re looking so vibrant And I dig the way you move your body Let’s get out of this party Maybe we can get naughty Say bye, bye girlfriends ‘Cos just in a minute we’ll be gone if we’re N-sync (Can we dance?) Would you like a drink and some loving? But leave your husband at home Unless he want a bump on the dome Come along, rub alongside me Put your phone on silence, just breath What you’re doing is rigth, what I’m doing is wrong Only time I do right is when I’m doing a song So, expect your ex to exit the area Exterior vex, perplex by the sex What you’re drinking? Drinks on me, find me on drink & drink on me You can ride next to me, girl it’s ectasy Here’s something for your ex to see It’s messed up how I slide up your tight with my right hand You wanna ride all night then I can Don’t be shy of just one, one night stand, now let’s go!!! [CHORUS]
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