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Исполнители: feat. Marsha From Floetry
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"[Intro: Busta Rhymes] Ai-ya-ya-yio... Busta Rhymes ya gotsa be the sure shot Flipmode ya gotsa be the sure shot Aftermath ya gotsa be the sure shot My live niggas y'know; who be the sure shot? Live bitches y'know; who be the sure shot? Shit... [Busta Rhymes] I'm back in ya soul just like a minister I'm big like a movie, I'm on the screen and at the cinema While I'm in the process of slowly gettin rid of ya I'm back over bitches, and then I throw 'em in my videa Yeah, yeah, the God of the block Y'know me killa had you spreadin the spot wet and +Twist It+ like Olivia Oh shit, flow so sick in the committeea We know you a slouch duke, we don't even consider ya Boss nigga, see or hear me in ya area The more niggas, the murders, the more the money, the more the merrier Smash shit 'til everything become mass hysteria Hungry for street shit, see I be takin care of ya check nigga Fuck all the talk, homey I'm daring ya The lead from the shot'll poision ya blood like malaria made back and sell it over exotic Worm skin interior, my swagger to my bitch the more money It's all superior [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] When we in the spot y'know that we sure to shine (to shine) It's all so holy and so divine Analyze niggas 'til we can read ya mind Sometimes a real live nigga is hard to find We like, "drugs overdose niggas every time" (Cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby) (Cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby) We like, "drugs overdose niggas every time" (Cocaina baby, cocaina baby) [Busta Rhymes] Yo, I'm tired of tellin ya Back on my bullshit, fuckin put a shell in ya Gangster niggas respect it, salute me on the regular When it comes to the street shit, define me as the emperor Check it my nigga. most of you muhfuckers amateur I muster the nigga quick and damage any challenger But now y'know, "Oh a nigga flow so spectacular" Break niggaz down and handle you muhfuckin characters Captain of this shit but most of you niggas is passengers I'm takin it back to the hood, like '87 Maximas Yeah, yeah y'know who the truth, no need for askin the, same question again to get the same answer bruh, fasten ya seatbelt Bitches fuck wit the bachelor wit' money like a thousand coke deals from here to Panama Strike like a brightness, a light. I'm here to dazzle ya Whole hood from the boroughs, to the niggas up in Attica Soldiers in the streets, the Middle East, way down to Canada When it comes to the block, y'know I'm the ambassador Follow nobody's footsteps, but said it like a scavenger Wanna talk money bitch!? Then holla at my manager The way y'all niggas is trash, my crew'll get to blasting ya Twelve shot clip, hollow tips, quick to plaster ya All over the cement, spread ya like I'm mashing Everything, Bus-a-Bus date... but check ya fuckin calendar! [Chorus (w/out the last two "cocaina baby's")] [Justin + Busta] Take me all the waaayyy, where you are (cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby) I really want to mattteee, take me now Take us far awaayyy, to the skkkyyy (cocaina baby, cocaina baby, cocaina baby) I really want to mattteee, some. time. "
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