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Слушать бесплатно One Night

Исполнители: feat.
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"We said our goodbyes, so I had to let you snooze coz if u woke then Id never leave how could I semitize looking in your eyes it would agonize starring in them one more time, I just stand there paralysed this was strictly a one nighter to a delight us, we both knew this must stay quiet it was vital we couldn't forget though, we never let go we just held on tighter see I'm a lover not a fighter so I didn't fight the fact that I'm more than liked you, didn't matter, we were scatter brains, under influence to us it made sense this was more than lust how can I explain it, I'm scratching my brain coz its insane how these 10 hours felt like 10 years now I'm crying 10 men's tears, as it disappears along with the passionate atmosphere I took a glove as a souvenir Left the other on the pillow as I stroked your ear, And took one last sniff of your hair And then stared for a second and i turned as the doorway beckoned I never even caught your name, but that's minor Still trying to think why my heartbeat skips See I was griped trying to work out the colour of your iris, guess i have to call you none descript eyes miss… miss, what ever your name was, still though that was one night to remember You and that red dress you were wearing, What a pairing Tried to concentrate but couldn't stop glaring And you kept starring, happily, back at me , gradually I locked on to your catwoman eyes If that woman tries, to leave, I said to myself, Then I'll stop her, but I won't use force of course Can't let her go, coz she'll never ever know She's the fittest thing I have ever seen watching at my show I dropped the mic looked down from the stage and winked at you, you winked back You can't beat that split second point of acknowledgement Solid guarantee you and me will link up, I'll be the embodiment of love at first sight on the first night, first I had to make contact and sure enough, when the crowds had cleared you were waiting at the side of the stage in my eyes you were tailor made said little coz you didn't speak English so we spoke through kisses, coz I'm hardly linguist put on the gloves as we left the venue I felt the cold outside, even more than you We grabbed a hot chocolate, left the town centre , coz it was choco bloc, Not a lot to do except, Look into your eyes till the morning Ignoring the fact that I had to catch a plane, What a bastard that was you know it's my job right, I would have stayed otherwise, believe me "
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