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"Why do you hurt yourself? You do it very well You do it so politely That you couldn't even tell When everything has changed You think you're not to blame How come you keep on talking When the whole thing feels so strange?... But seeing is not the same as believing When everything goes wrong You're anything but strong It's all bittersweet Outside in the street The grass is growing greener Underneath your feet We come and go The deep water flows Tiny leaves from small seeds To tall trees do grow But wanting is not the same as needing There's no need to pretend You can't turn back again And loving is so different to keeping The hurting that we send Is so difficult to mend [Hold on to the good things] [That keep you from falling down] [Hold on the the good things] [That keep you from falling down] How my heart aches More than I can take What are we really learning When we make the same mistakes? Where is your hope? It's all gone up in smoke You used to be so funny Now it's just the same old joke And laughing is so very close to crying When there's nothing to defend It gets you in the end And living is so very close to dying You struggle on and on To find where you belong Where do you belong? "
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