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"Since you've been gone I've been wondering what to do Maybe take the weekend out The one I promised myself I would always do That place you said you never liked Or would ever choose to go Now this change has set me free And I'm wondering what to do Guess I'll paint my jukebox blue I see some light in the distant sky Its coming from Where we used to be The colours you made From the smile that you gave Or this freedom don't feel like its setting me free Today I feel like the biggest fool If freedom must be without you Now I'm standing in that very place And I'm wondering what to do Guess I'll paint my jukebox, paint my jukebox, Paint my jukebox blue "
  • Driving home for christmas (Groove Safari Remix)
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  • Driving Home For Christmas
  • Summer Love
  • Josephine
  • Every Beat Of My Heart
  • The Road To Hell
  • Nothing To Fear
  • Julia
  • The Road To Hell (Part 2)
  • The Blue Cafe
  • That's What They Always Say
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