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"It's after hours at that glamorous blind spot Where they're taking it easy, swapping personal experiences Let's listen in America Today" Life of the party, mm-hmm, that I almost cried, mm-mm It's the life of the party, to think I could've almost died Lord, help us Hey, Miss Donda You run into my mama, please tell her I said, "Say something" I'm startin' to believe ain't no such thing as Heaven's trumpets No after-over, this is it, done If there's a Heaven, you would think they'd let ya speak to your son Maybe she has in the form of a baby's laugh I heard passin' by in a stroller remindin' me, "Hey, keep rolling" Oh, no, maybe she has with a prick of a blade of grass I've been layin' on way too long, got me itchy Got up and roamed a lil' more Miss Donda, you see my mama, tell her I'm lost You see, she'd always light a cigarette, we talk, I would cough Exaggeratin' a lil' bit so she get the point Tryna get her to stop smokin', I would leave and fire up a joint 'Til I quit, started back up again, twenty years later All that time, y'all thought a nigga was high, thought I was crazy My mama, she ain't cut no corners Got me back on track, I don't miss her oversteppin' But do miss her showin' Seven civilian life shit Ah, Miss Donda, you see my mama, whisper her this The real reason I was geeked to go to church Must confess, when y'all grown-ups would be in Bible study That girl helping me with my homework? Her and I were fuckin' So pure and perverted, so spirit spinnin' and dirty So on, so on, and so on, we hoped that no one heard us Shh-shh, ah, ah And to this day, I think her mama knew but let us explore Miss Donda, you see my father, please, ask him why he never married Always smiled, but was he happy inside? Because I carried my mother's name, did he carry shame with him? I'm sure she did it out of spite, it was her decision at birth Shit, she probably was hurt, ah, poor baby Two young people with different views, a lot for a young lady No coincidence, they both passed away from heart conditions There's a dissidence at play, dad and mom do hard division Three Thou', poster child for big dick niggas raised by their mothers I'm supposed to smile as if God knew that I would be troubled Keeps me around, for what? I don't know But I do know that it's crucial, that we do so, pronto I don't know how much long though Straight from Shibuya, on some Zen We back, ramped up, we on ten It's a marathon and look, we comin' for the win Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (c'mon) Put the whole family on, look at what my Kim did Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (uh) We gon' win big (what?) Southside gang mentality way heavy I was thinkin' out the box even in a Box Chevy And my favorite art teacher name was Mrs. Levy 'Round the time, I learned to put my feelings to a medley (the life of the party) I ain't turn in homework for like four months and I bet she let me She saw the vision "Yeezy you special, go make your own decisions then" Man, that was a good choice, faith driving us like a Rolls Royce They tried to take my voice away, I ain't try to take ya choice away I just prayed the water break, just for my daughter sake, from a slip-up Fake signatures from fake managers, it all damage her, good Lord Give 'em enough of they own rope to hang 'em with The paparazzi never really got what my angle is They treat my married life like some type of entanglement My neighbor still dissin', wonderin' why I ain't sayin' it I can smell the setup, that's that 2Pac in Vegas hit I revealed myself and some don't know what to make of it God has said himself to make sure that the baby live And if Ye ain't here, then tell me who gonna say this here? Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a goddamn minute Let me stop playin' with it, hopped in a Lamb' with it Hopped in a Lamb' with it, in a damn pandemic Nerve of Uncle Sam gotta have his damn hand in it Listen, straight from Shibuya, on some Zen I'm on ten, it's a marathon and look, we comin' for the win Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (c'mon) Put the whole family on, look at what my Kim did Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon' win big (uh) We gon' win big (what?) Do y'all feel me? Really? Get off Scott Free, I'm talking Ridley Get off our knees, that's if you're with me Get off your knees, that's if you're with me Get off your knees and let's get free Get off your knees and let's get free Really, I mean really Really, I mean really I need release, I don't need police I'm like, "Nigga, puh-lease" Y'all can't hear me, for the real me For the real me, I mean Mm-hmm-mm Alright, it's gonna shoot us in the- Woah, uh-oh, uh-oh You ready mama? (Yup) I'm so proud of you (yup) You're gonna have so much fun They gonna shoot us in the air, mama, okay? C'mon, P, I got you, it's okay, mama Hold your head back, hold your head back (three, two, one) Daddy's here, daddy's here, daddy's right here It's okay, mama, daddy's here, daddy here Daddy's right here (I'm scared) Okay, okay, I got you, it's okay Okay, we goin' slow, we goin' slow down It's okay, stop cryin', daddy got you, see, it's over, you did it, P! You already did it! See? It's already over! Yay! You did it! Big Girl! It's already over! It's already over, it's already over Daddy right here, daddy right here I told you I'm not gon' let you go I'm not gon' let you go, mamas, okay? Daddy got you, daddy gon' bring us all the way down, okay? How was it? (We done) You did a good job (it was scary) Good job! (Our daughter got more heart than you)
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