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All is not it seems to be on the outside Sometimes what appears to be is a show What shows in the face is only a mirror We all have some better places to go We don't know just what we have 'til we've lost it Until that time comes and know that it's gone So hard to say things that we should have uttered long ago Tear myself away from thoughts in my head The people worshipping the sun And all the children point up to the sky They see the eagle as it floats on the wind And they follow with their spirits high Buffalo roam on the plain We walk into the flames but dance for rain The hallowed dead in sacred ground, the elders And we wash away their sins for them Feel the spirits of the old ones standing proud upon their race And the testament to ancestors that are never to retrace Burn the flame of innocence as they ride into the sun Thinking now of our forefathers that are lying dead upon Holy ground and sacred earth now Revisit stolen youth Lost in a lost world Buried on sacred ground Lost in a lost world Lying in sacred ground Lost in a lost world Buried on sacred ground Lost in a lost world Lying in sacred ground Lost in a lost world Standing on sacred ground Lost in a lost world Playing at sacred ground Will we ever heal our old wounds, like forever darkness worn Fighting for their lives again so come on now, don't be afraid This is where destiny lies, just to let us breathe again Put upon this earth to wander and to walk forever lost With the ashes of our enemies to live among our ghosts Of our past fear nothing, life is but a better path to joy Nowhere to go, nowhere to run, our whole nation overrun Itself existence under threat and soon will be none of us left Remember names of all our dead now in enemies that fled Reaching for our sky forever, free a sadness that is proud As the clouds all drift away now Until we meet again
  • Death Of The Celts
  • Darkest Hour
  • The Parchment
  • Hell On Earth
  • Senjutsu
  • Days Of Future Past
  • The Writing On The Wall
  • The Time Machine
  • Stratego
  • Empire of the Clouds
  • Death or Glory
  • The Man of Sorrows
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