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When the moon will rise again Until we read the Parthian skin Broken fears, warring days are here again 'Fore we all to dust descend Heaven knows when life will end God to know in the mire, put out the fire Know there is a cross to bear In your primal quest of fear No quarter, now is given no less Aslumber was my main ideal Asunder did my spirit steal Sceptred race uttered words in disgrace Sweet revenge will be ours Vengeance of a shaken world Just remember that patience is no sin And to find another way Live to breathe another day Lord of light in the darkness, our guide In a tempest never shaken Edge of doom is not mistaken Countenance is not a sin Gallant king, we bow to him Fierce as wolf with a leopard skin Dark and bitter, deep within Invader punished with his life Vanquished in the morning Sea of blood in light divine Unholy reverence enjoyed Intoxicated with their hell Man immortal sickness dwell Savage beasts troops engage Assembled here to butcher blades Smoke has darkened in the air Smell of death and deep despair Wilderness, a tyrant dream Sell your soul, not give them power Slay upon imperial crown Witness now the witching hour Bound himself to oath and king Such loyalty, a shameless thing Youth of agony still burn Shedding parents blood Never say a prayer to me For this crime, treachery Drinking from your cup of wisdom true Many men will follow you Now an army is raised And our Gods, they be praised Death is but a gilted edge Shall no more than we will pledge Hear the cry We are ready to believe The prodigal has returned Give us our own revenge With the power he learned We will burn the same again A betrayal of angels in a foreign land A revenge for the merciful destiny at hand For all those who have written in the sand will be told That the same will happen Searching for gold Like a fire in the sky I can feel strength return Heading for afterlife Meet me there
  • Death Of The Celts
  • Darkest Hour
  • Hell On Earth
  • Senjutsu
  • Lost In A Lost World
  • Days Of Future Past
  • The Writing On The Wall
  • The Time Machine
  • Stratego
  • Empire of the Clouds
  • Death or Glory
  • The Man of Sorrows
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