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(Written by: Preston Glass) You've been avoiding me Like a cat tryin' to dodge a dog I never see ya shine You're as cold as the London fog You claim you want my love Well I wouldn't know by the way you behave If you want to feel the thrill of my touch You better come outa' yo' cave It's so perplexing Why you fight it, won't you try it Love's electric Turn me on and see Chorus: Love is a contact sport You gotta move in tight If you wanna do it right, here I am Love is a contact sport You gotta act untamed If you wanna play the game So grab my hand and.... slam!... I hate to sound aggressive But I'm tired of waitin' for your move Cut the formalities 'Cause you've got a few things to prove If you really want my love I need to feel it down deep from within Don't make me wait to long
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