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(Lyrics & Music by: Jon Bon Jovi) As we stood there older than the man And younger than the boys (that's right) We were as still as the wind That blows on a hot August night And you were lonesome as a jukebox But deadly just the same I could be as gently as a newborn Then spit into the eye of a hurricane And we knew how to laugh And we knew how to cry Yeah, we sure knew how to live But we don't ever Never say die Never say die I guess you'd say we had a pact These words we knew so well (that's right) Still the reminder unspoken And we'd take them to the fiery gates of hell Once I was afraid of love But when it's your brother those things change Cause love is just another word for trust So hear me when I say Never say die Never say no You got to look them in the eye And don't let go When it's your own blood you'll bleed And your own tears you'll cry When you're brought up to believe That it's the strong who survive Never say die Yeah, and we could run like lightning Through the pouring rain And we'll be standing like a soldier Who comes marching home again They ask what it is that I want written On the gravestone where I'll lie Tell them it's just my bones that died there So save the tears they'll cry My spirit is still riding somewhere Somewheres in this night When it's these three words that come to me As I kiss this world goodbye Never say die Never say no You got to look them in the eye And don't let go When it's your own blood you'll bleed
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