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"The horse with the wings never turned up for the party And I wonder how long til he comes looking for me So I wait in the room by the river and I watch the world go by And I hear a girl cry and I notice the sound it comes from my own mouth And I hear your words "What have I done now? What have I done now?" I look to the wall and you look to the hallway And you say, "I'm sorry for whatever it is," And I feel myself groan cause I know I've lived alone with you here for years now And the scratching of the metal as you're putting on the kettle Makes my skin crawl and I feel small, And the birds they slip through the cracks in the glass And there's blood on the floor When will this day break? When will my heart ache? When will this day break? When will I find my place? Don't talk to me like I'm a shell you found on the beach And you put to your ear and you hear how clear I sound, And you say, "Sing me a song, " like I've nothing better to do than sing songs for you And you hang me on the wall so I'm taller than before And I feel like I might fall but I don't I hang there quietly watching the life we lead Like it's a prize I could never win A sea I could never swim When will this day break? When will my heart ache? When will this day break? When will I find my place? "
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