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"How come the mice All the cute ones with their furry little suits on The gals and misters with the pretty little whiskers All want to stay? What's with the mice Are they Catholic with those families? Enough said.... I confront them With a minimum of bloodshed The "Have-a-Heart" way But if you pull back to some point in the stratosphere From that great height it's like mice we all must appear Think of the mice Always grateful when the slightest little crumb drops Finding dinner in the dreadlocks of the dust mop Never too proud (Maybe we should be more like Mice) not as noisy as a chipmunk or a squirrel If they argue it's completely intramural Never too loud "
  • When The Cookie Jar Is Empty
  • The Lady Wants To Know
  • Popsicle Toes
  • Monkey See - Monkey Do
  • Don't Be Blue
  • Chain Reaction
  • B'wana-he No Home
  • Antonios Song
  • Where You Hid The Truth
  • The Idea Of A Tree
  • Bebop Headshop
  • As Long As We're Both Together
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