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"The first time we ever got a chance to be alone we knew That it was wrong to do I guess that's why I was drawn to you The 2nd time leads to the 3rd, the 4th, the 7th time I feel so alive, it won't last but it's alright Pleading joy and fading ecstasy, here it goes again oh Sneaking fruit from the forbidden tree, Sweet taste of sin. And I'm doing it again; yes, I'm doing it again Oh I'm doing it again, I said it would end but here it goes again. This time you told me you saw me at the same hotel You said you knew me well, and I had a familiar smell You asked me: "How am I ever going to put my trust in you?" Like you want me to, cause I know what you're prone to do Accusations fly like bullets do, here it goes again oh But you know me because you're doing it too The cycle never ends, never ends Oh you're doing it again Yes you're doing it again Oh you're doing it again You said it would end but here it goes again And again, and again Damn I love you, but this is crazy I have to fight you almost daily We break up so fast And we, we make up so passionately Why can't we just trust each You can't hate me and be my lover Passion ends, and pains begins, I come back… And we're doing it again Yes we're doing it again Oh we're doing it again We said it would end but here it goes again Each time you call me home in a sweet refrain Saying things will change, you'll take away the pain Then we flashback to the first time you put your spell on me You envelope me, you feel good as hell to me One moment leads to another few Here it goes again oh Oh leaving you is oh so hard to do I just can't pretend, can't pretend I keep doing it again, oh I'm doing it again Yes I'm doing it again I said it would end but here it goes again Again "
  • Bigger Love
  • Ordinary People
  • All of Me
  • Actions
  • Conversations in the Dark (John Legend vs. David Guetta)
  • All Of Me (Tiesto rmx)
  • Conversations in the Dark
  • A Good Night (Mario Marques Remix)
    Deep House
  • Tonight (M&N PRO Remix)
  • Preach
  • All Of Me (Acoustic Version)
  • Save Room (Album Version)
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