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"[Spoken:] This is the first letter that I wrote back home to Momma and Daddy a few days after I'd moved to Nashville: June 2, 1964 Nashville, Tennessee Dear Momma and Daddy, I hope this letter finds everybody well and happy. As for me, I'm fine I guess. I'm just a little lonesome and a whole lot homesick. I got to Nashville okay and I thought I'd better write and let you know cause I knew you'd be worried about me and I don't want you to be worried about me cause I'm gonna be alright once I get settled and used to being away from home. I didn't realize how much I loved you and all them noisy kids until I left and I didn't realize how hard it was to leave home either til I started to leave and everybody started crying, including me. I cried almost all the way to Nashville and I wanted to turn around a few times and come back but you know how bad I've always wanted to go to Nashville and be a singer and songwriter and I believe that if I try long enough and hard enough that someday I'll make it. Don't worry about trying to sending me any money or anything cause I've got a job singing on the early morning television show here called the Eddie Hill Show. A couple of folks already told me that they might record a couple of my songs so I'll be making enough money to get by and I don't want you worrying about me being hungry or anything. Nashville is not exactly what I thought it was gonna be, but I believe I'm gonna like it here once I get used to it. And I don't want you worrying about me getting in trouble either cause I'll be good just like I promised you I would when I left. Well, can't think of anything else to say. I guess I'd better close for now. You write me real soon. Tell everybody I said hello and I'm gonna be real anxious to hear from you cause I sure miss you and I love you an awful lot. With love as always, -Dolly "
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  • Big Dreams and Faded Jeans
  • Pure and Simple
  • A Friend Like You
  • I Will Always Love You
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Faith (Elliot Fitch Remix)
  • Faith (John Dahlbäck Remix)
  • Faith (Galantis & Bali Bandits VIP Mix)
  • Faith (Jewelz & Sparks Remix)
  • Faith
  • Baby, It's Cold Outside
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