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"chorus Young nation under a groove uh if you even wanna look at this stupid ass! song then you must be wasted or pretty FUCKED up in the head DUMBASS! Verse 1 As I'm strollin' down the park with really nothing on my mind Laid back and I'm just thinkin' of old times Pumpin' our Isley Brothers tape when I'm waxin' Peepin' through my sapeau checkin' out my waxin' Hey! I gotta say today's a good day for me the lover on the way Ho! Time to hit the six-four And pump the bass and I'm Just a little known Aaliyah's in the house so I think you'd better check my flow Hello! Hello! I'm the young nation and young nation is me So here we go from the one the two and to the three-ee-ee chorus verse 2 I check my celular because my beepers beepin' Booty calls are creepin' Fellas on the corner beepin' me (Wassup, wassup) Don't set it off So I pick up my girls and hit the streets just because... Jazz-aray, it's Saturday and... The sun is blazin', and so I'm lazin' And if you are a YNP and you're rollin' with the PGP, congratulations I know I got the skills to make you trip R Kelly's flippin' tracks so grab a hold and don't you sit The nigga diggin nation that's a sooner gets my grip So raise your hands if you're sure... Are you a young nation? chorus verse 3 Well, six o' clock, girls are round and now I'm steppin' Stop to get some dressin', to the mall I'm flexin' You know to get them funky croaka-sacks Tonight I'm hittin' the town, ain't holding nothing back Hey!, Well alright tonight is the night Well I'm in the mood for celebration, or even some jazzy conversation Hey! It's O.K here I come so anyway I'm the young nation and young nation is me So here we go from the one the two and to the three-ee-ee chorus 2x Hey! It's a great day, the lover on the way, Young Nation... "
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  • At Your Best (You are Love)
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