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Слушать бесплатно Just The Lonely Talking Again

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(Written by: Sam Dees) It's the second tine around For you and I, boy And believe me it's confusing me... I'm afraid to say ";let's make up"; and, ";all's forgiven,"; But somethin' tells me I'm headed for heartbreak.... So darlin', please, I'm prayin' that This time it will be different That you and I can share this dream that I visualize... (Chorus) Tell me are you really ready for love, boy Or is it just the lonely talking again Are you really ready for love, boy Or is it the lonely talking again..... Now, the time before When we got together You promised you'd be forever true to me But all I got from you Was lots and lots of talking..... Lonely nights filled with misery So baby, please, please tell me now That when I fulfill your needs You won't up and leave me, Even though you know I'll let you come back.... Tell me
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