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She remembered all the shadows and the doubts The same film Vivid pictures like a wall that's standing empty And the night so still Such a small affair, a relapse Someone closing like the nightclub door Here again and when you speak I watch you move away And seem so sure She is hoping to forget And the moment almost slips away When the colours move apart And I wonder if you want to stay And I need to change you Like the words I'm reading Don't you understand It's the warning and the message I remember as you touch my hand
  • But Not Tonight
  • I Feel You (Life's Too Short Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • Death's Door (Jazz Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • Condemnation (Paris Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • My Joy (Slow Slide Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • My Joy (7
  • In Your Room (Zephyr Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix(
  • In Your Room (Apex Mix) (24/48 PCM Stereo Mix)
  • Slowblow (Darren Price Mix)
  • Puppets (Royksopp Remix)
  • Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)
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