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X4: it's no secret (echoed) 1: When i first met you How you changed my life that day But when each tomorrow You just seem to drift away Then i discovered That you were cheating You were cheating on me But i was the last to know Ooh, ooh Chorus: Our love was a lie And it's no secret It's no secret How you hurt me inside And it's no secret Because you told everybody 2: Didn't i really love you You know i gave you all my heart When i put my arms around you I never thought we'd ever part Ooh, ooh Then i discovered I guess you couldn't love me Like you said you love me Ohh, no Why was i the last to know Chorus: Bridge: All of my life I was looking for someone Just like you You shattered my dreams Tore me apart What can i do (you were cheating) (you were cheating on me) But i was the last to know Chorus: (repeat & fade)
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