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"Eh Yeah And my uproarious arrival push the noise to the scene This inglorious desire that would be let out of me So I'll be open to rise And opened closed minds, hook lines I'll make 'em edible you'll gobble it down Like it's the only thing that's floating Hold on or drown Words can grant your relief I tell it bitter and sweet You can twist out the seats and put the demons to sleep This is closure Exposure of the bad things brought to life So you can face the, spit 'em out or maybe sleep tonight I soak it up with the shirt of my back Stay in the music 'til I'm dead on my back Get 'em vexed and attack and attack and attack and attack Yeah, I'm passive, they're ecstatic and it's making me sick I swim in grease spilling drinks on another and I've tried, but It's too hard so don't tell me to be calm I see, I do drink and I do get high Throw punches through these blurry eyes See, 'cus I was raised by a body of life I've been focused on the ground so long I lost it with the sky yeah And the sky's where I'm destined for They used to tell me that I couldn't soar but for all my flaws looks to me I'm flying high Looks to me I'm flying high yeah Looks to me I'm flying high Looks to me I'm flying high yeah yeah "
  • Say You Won't Let Go
  • Falling Like The Stars
  • Quite Miss Home
  • Quite Miss Home (Madism Remix)
  • Quite Miss Home (Steve Void Remix)
  • You
    feat. Travis Barker
  • Treehouse (R3hab Remix)
  • Finally Feel Good
  • Treehouse
    feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Shotty Horroh
  • Silent Night (Live)
  • Empty Space (Live)
  • Falling Like The Stars
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