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Release Date: April 24, 2015 Label: Smarty Mart Music Copyright: (C) 2015 Smarty Mart Music ASIN: B00VTMAUSA "After the fanfare and drum-rolls the curtain rises, and “Circus Maximus” entertains the audience with a multicolored program. Juggling instinctively with swinging housebeats ("Sax Me Up"), charleston-clarinets ("Forever Young") and crooning vocals in the style of Frankieboy Sinatra ("That's The Way I Travel"), they perform magic with the sonic elements from the balcans ("Gipsy VIP") and powerful jazz drumming styles of the late Gene Krupa ("The Big Bang"), and in a trapeze act without a safteynet letting swing and punk ("Swing Punk") respectively swing and hiphop ("Swing With Bling") fly against each other. In the encore part they perform a remix for the WDR Bigband ("Hercab") and a collaboration with the DJ/producers Bart & Baker from Paris ("Swing You Winners")…release April 24th
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