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Iced Earth - A Gift Or A Curse?

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"I feel a heavy burden A million souls upon me weigh Though I've felt uncertain The more revealed, I've found my way Am I a gift, am I a curse? I'm one and all of God and Earth And as the order guides me The trials beckon brutal days The Art of the Travelers The Ghost Dance and the Shifter's Way Am I a gift, am I a curse? I'm one and all of God and Earth At times there's doubt within me To ask as much of one so young Yet I believe in the prophecy And the framing that's been done And I know I possess the strength They've molded me from birth The catalyst of all that's planned Cleansing man from earth Inject the venom into my veins Of the vile beasts of earth The transformation now takes place The Shifter's art is learned The Dimension Gauntlet lies ahead I master every age I am a God that walks the Earth The embodiment of rage Now the trials are over I am complete, what I was born to be The crown awaits the chosen And I begin my destiny I am a gift, I am a curse One and all a God on Earth "
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