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I don't know about the travel of time And I've never seen most of the world I don't know Diving out of the sky Or living like the diamonds of pearls See I haven't danced to a musical tune And I haven't noticed the flowers in bloom I haven't smiled When alone in my room very much Then we touched I just know When you put your hands on me I feel sexy And my body turns to gold i just know When you put your hands on me I feel ready And I lose my self control I don't know if a doll can unwind Or how to make a person go I don't know how to be what you like And simply open up the depths of my soul So I keep my wings And my eyes on the down Ready for nothing But holding my ground I haven't used A particular noun very much Then we touched I won't notice Or pay you no mind Boy I couldn't care less what you do with your time Your fingertips on my hips Just move me like one of a kind
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