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DJ Dado


  • Desert Of Sadness
  • Dreaming
  • Dreamscape
  • Mission Impossible Theme
  • X-Files

    Текст песни

    "This is how it goes
    Give me your attention, stop what you're doin' and listen up
    Because my partner in rhyme is about to tear it up
    Jeff, is if someone said that your beats don't excite
    And that your cuts were whack, what would you say?
    Yeah, right
    Jeff's about to give an incredible display
    And unequivocally prove that he's the best deejay
    His name is Jazzy Jeff and he's preparing to shake and make you move
    To this long and strong theme song, Jazzy's groove
    And it'll make 'em clap to this
    Make 'em clap to this
    Hey yo, Jeff
    Come on, yeah
    And it'll make 'em clap to this
    And it'll make 'em clap to this
    Come on, yeah
    You know, a lot of deejays, they're just short pieces of statues
    My deejay's swift and exciting and coming at you
    To other deejays Jeff is just too much
    He doesn't use the line switch as a transform crutch
    Never missin beats, always on time with the rhyme
    You know the scratches are fine when intertwined with a bass line
    Live in concert, Jeff is never Memorex
    You don't believe he's def?
    Check the flex
    Jeff cuts up
    Don't stop to the rhythm, 'cause I
    I could talk forever, but still never explain
    Why deejays flee when they hear Jeff's name
    Jeff is number one, even though he just begun
    Ruling hip-hop as if he was Attila the hun
    We make records, it all adds up a kaleidoscope
    We work hard, so people can't deny that it's dope
    Some music makes you shake, some makes you move
    Now here's what I want y'all to do
    This beat is dope and it's called Jazzy's groove
    Come on, yeah
    Come on, yeah
    Now here's what I want y'all to do
    The uncannible
    Music has a tendency, a way of makin you feel it
    It's been a secret and Jeff is about to reveal it
    He'll get you hype, no kiddin, as def as Jeff is
    He makes you smile and bow while he's flexin
    He's a magician of sorts, it's kind of a sport
    Jeff houses the wheels like Michael Jordan the courts
    Ask who's the best and people'll say that Jeffrey is
    Here's a math lesson, so you can all see how def he is
    (one) plus (one) is (two)
    (Once again back is the incredible)
    And (two) plus (one) is (three)
    (The music just turns me on)
    And (two) plus (two) is (four)
    (Play it on the radio)
    And (one) plus (two) is (three)
    Look, it's simple, just admit it
    Jeff is the deafest, you wanted a battle, forget it
    You're a fool, you're slippin, you're looney, you're crazy
    No ifs, no ands if he tests your butt, baby
    The music is dope, don't fight it, just give in
    Hey yo Jeff, man, tell em why you did it
    (I made the beat hype, but still kinda smooth)
    And it's dope, right? (For sure) Jazzy's groove
    It goes 'ooh' ooh
    Na-na-na-na' na-na-na-na
    It goes 'ooh' ooh
    Na-na-na-na' na-na-na-na
    It goes ooh ooh
    Na-na-na-na' na-na-na-na
    It'll make you go ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    Here we go
    Ooh ooh
    Na-na-na-na' na-na-na-na
    It'll make you go ooh' ooh
    Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na
    Make you go ooh ooh
    Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na
    It'll make you go ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    Here we go
    Jazzy's groove



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