50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

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    50 Cent
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    50 Cent
    What Up Gangsta
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    50 Cent
    Patiently Waiting ( feat. Eminem )
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    50 Cent
    Many Man
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    50 Cent
    In Da Club
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    50 Cent
    High All The Time

    Текст песни
    I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris
    Tanqueray and Alize, I don't need shit
    Nigga I'm high all the time, I smoke that good shit
    I stay high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit
    Give me some dro, purple haze, and some chocolate
    Give me a dutch and a lighter I'll spark shit
    And stay high all the time, I smoke that good shit
    I'm high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit
    [Verse 1]
    Everytime I ROLL up, niggas holla ROLL up, and I tell'em HOLD up,
    You ain't gettin money you ain't smoking
    In my Benzo, 20 inch Lorenzos, smoking on indo
    Hiiigh as a motherfucker
    I be on them backstreets, niggas know I clap heat, only if you got beef
    Man you better holla at me
    Niggas get locked up, stabbed up, shot up
    Everytime I pop up, a lot going on in my hood
    I shoot the dice, I holler get'em girls
    Daddy need new shoes
    Daddy need Perelli's to look mean on 22s
    Stash box, Xbox, laptop, fax machine, phone
    Bulletproof this bitch and I'm gone
    2003 Suburban swerving, too many sips of Henny
    The D's sick, they searched the whip and they can't find the semis
    They was just harassing me cause they know who I was
    Spent the night in Central Booking for smoking some bud
    [Verse 2]
    Now if you heard I done started some shit
    It ain't because I be high (I be high, I be high)
    And if you heard I done let off a clip
    It ain't because I be high (I be high, I be high)
    But I- twist that la, la, la, la
    I get high as I wanna nigga
    Go against me, fa sho, you's a goner nigga
    I don't smoke to calm my nerves but I got beef
    Finna crush my enemies like I crush the hashish
    If you love me, tell me you love me, don't stare at me man
    I'd hate to be in the Benz clapping one of my fans
    Let me show you how to greet me, when you meet me, when you see me
    If you real my nigga, you know how to holla "G-Unit!"
    There's no competition, it's just me,
    50 Cent, motherfucker, I'm hot on these streets
    If David could go against Goliath with a stone
    I can go at Nas and Jigga, both for the throne
    [Verse 3]
    Now who you know besides me who write lines and squeeze nines
    And have hoes in the hood sniffin on white lines
    You don't want me to be your kid's role model
    I'll teach them how to buck them 380s and load up them hollows
    Have shorty fresh off the stoop, ready to shoot
    Big blunt in his mouth, deuce deuce in his boot
    Sit in the crib, sippin Guinness, watching Menace
    Then Oh Lord, have a young nigga bucking shit like he O-Dog
    My team they depend on me when it's crunch time
    I eat a nigga food in broad day like it's lunchtime
    You feeling brave nigga, go ahead get gully
    See if I won't leave your brains leaking up out your skully
    I done made myself hot, so ain't shit you can tell me
    Niggas calling me to feature, man fuck your money
    I ain't hurtin, I'm aight, nigga I'm doin good
    I ain't got to write rhymes, I got bricks in the hood
    G-Unit, are you ready
    G-Unit, are you ready
    G-Unit, are you ready
    Nigga, ready or not, here I come, come, come
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    50 Cent
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    50 Cent
    If I Can't
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    50 Cent
    Blood Hound ( feat. Young Buck )
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    50 Cent
    Back Down
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    50 Cent
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    50 Cent
    Like My Style ( feat. TONY YAYO )
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    50 Cent
    Poor Lil Rich
  • 14
    50 Cent
    21 Questions ( feat. Nate Dogg )
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    50 Cent
    Don't Push Me ( & Eminem feat. Lloyd Banks )
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    50 Cent
    Gotta Make It To Heaven
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    50 Cent
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    50 Cent
    U Not Like Me
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    50 Cent
    Life's On The Line

50 cent high all the time

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