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Слушать бесплатно In Da Hood

Исполнитель: 50 Cent
Альбом: The New Breed
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Текст песни:
Chorus: Brooklyn] I still be riding through the 'hood Brooklyn to Compton, it's all good From Southside Queens to Inglewood We representin' like we should [50 Cent] I'm hot boy, I told you before Got that Benz and that Hummer off the showroom floor I know you hate it when I pop up, wrist all rocked up In The 'hood, empty niggas locked up, they rats all knocked up Baby after baby, the 'hood is crazy Niggas'll set you up and wet you up, trust me they shady Got a pet bulldog, I keep under my linen It don't bark, they spark when the revolver spinnin' We winnin' [Chorus] [50 Cent] Hold up, hold up, get a good look at my rims God damn, look at them twenty-fours diamonds spin Now the D's, they harass me in the 'hood a few times, niggas try to blast me in the 'hood Fuck it's all good Catch me in the coupe - on the lean Wit' needles and samples and diesels for the fiends The money stay on my mind, so I stay on the grind Plus niggas like to stun, so I stay wit' my nine I ain't the type nigga that be out, runnin' his mouth Talkin' gangsta and shit, with my gun in the house Now homie, you better get to know me better Before you be bleedin' pints of blood into Iceberg sweater When the tails come flyin' up out the beretta You gon' feel like it's yo' fault and say "Man I knew better" Look dogg, I don't play that shit I pull that thing out I'ma spray that shit That how I get down [Brooklyn] Brooklyn she's so sick in the hood Got these fat bitches get the spit in the hood 'Cause I throw diamonds, shot that fifth in the hood That's what you get for talkin' all that shit in the hood Yeah I'm still a minor, remember this Everything Brooklyn choppy broads still behind ya Brooklyn to Compton it's all good Get robbed, get shot, shit is poppin' in the hood [Chorus] - 2X
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