Alice Cooper - From The Inside

Слушать Inmates (We're All Crazy) - Alice Cooper бесплатно

Треки альбома
  • 1
    From The Inside
  • 2
    Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills
  • 3
    The Quiet Room
  • 4
    Nurse Rozetta
  • 5
    Millie And Billie
  • 6
  • 7
    How You Gonna See Me Now
  • 8
    For Veronica's Sake
  • 9
    Jackknife Johnny
  • 10
    Inmates (We're All Crazy)

    Текст песни
    Alice Cooper / Bernie Taupin / Dick Wagner)
    It's not like we did something wrong
    We just burned down the church
    While the choir within sang religious songs
    And it's not like we thought we was right
    We just played with the wheels of a passenger train
    That cracked on the tracks one night

    It's not like we ain't on the ball
    We just talk to our shrinks
    Huh they talk to their shrinks
    No wonder we're up the wall
    We're not stupid or dumb
    We're the lunatic fringe who rusted the hinge
    On Uncle Sam's daughters and sons

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in another world
    With roller coaster brains
    Imagine playing with trains

    Good old boys and girls
    Congregating waiting in some other world
    We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy
    Lizzy Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks

    And don't think we're trying to be bad
    All the innocent crime seemed alright at the time
    Not necessarily mad not necessarily mad
    We watch every day for the bus
    And the driver would say
    "That's where lunatics stay"
    I wonder if he's talking about us

    It's not like we're vicious or gone
    We just dug up the graves where your relatives lay
    In old forest lawn
    And it's not like we don't know the score
    We're the fragile elite they dragged off the street
    I guess they just couldn't take us no more
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