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    Crossing Lines
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    Yuh Ded Now ( feat. DAN-E-O & D-Sisive )

    Текст песни
    "T-Dot, we be comin' to blow the spot
    Hal-Town, we be comin' to break it down
    D-Siggy-Sisive killin' It! Dan-e-o Killin' It!
    Class killin It! Yuh Ded Now!
    Hey yo, I had it up to here with y'all weak ass rappers
    T-dot home of the original four eyed cau-casion assassin
    It's time for some action, forget the relaxin', throw your hands up
    D-Sisive makin' it hot like Los Angeles
    Snatch crowd reactions without even askin'
    Amazing, ain't nobody ever gonna phase me
    I've spit the ill shit since the days of "J.A.C."
    And that's word, I make kids run
    To their base, bang my shit from Len to "Dim Sum"
    Switch up to Mastermind, 50, 49
    It's D-Day, when that shit's done, rewi-i-ind
    One love from Classified and my man Dan-e-o
    They can't wait for greatest show
    Anybody disagree, then y'all better lay low
    T-Dot, Hal-town, Canada remain home!
    Yo, from T-Dot to Halifax, we rock with battle raps
    Please stop your chatter black we seize spots and shatter cats
    Freeze blocks and rattle cats, scatter jack
    Matter fact I'll visit any habitat you rappin' at and splatter that
    Handle that, you best bring your best stuff bredren
    Or look wacker than that black dude in S-Club-7
    Got stress plus tension from these people who be starin'
    Always askin' for weed throwin' dap and steady swearin'
    They love my music, only for the underground they carin'
    But ask them if my CD's in that backpack they wearin'
    Spare the keep it real talk, I'm killin' crews with chronicles
    Been burnin' tracks long before downloading was possible
    You geeks ain't logical, now what chu hopin' for?
    Hip-hop to stay dope and raw when you never go to stores?
    Fuck it, I'mma flow for sure, even if you don't support
    I'll survive longer than Kucha and Ogakor
    Eh, yo let me rep myself, burnin' tracks T.O. to Scotia
    Mom pissed cause I never grew how I supposed ta
    Rhyme flowa, used to catchin' cold shoulders
    Now I'm spittin' vocals, ridin' tracks like roller coasters
    Come in to this game, tryin' to prove that Class matters
    Now I got these college kids who feel me more than backpackers
    Still the same cash lacker, hat backwards, backed by FACTOR
    And still disposin' wack rappers
    The track master, take you on and laugh after
    Last chapter, now you finished wack bastard!
    Gimme a mic son, had too many chances
    Rappers come and go and I just gave you leave of absence
    Takin' your finances, spread it where it's needed
    Now everybody in my crew is blazed up and weeded
    I never regret what I say so leave it
    Sayin' I'm commercial, how the fuck could you believe it?
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    A Martin Finch Moment
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    Talking Sh T
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    No Breaks ( feat. Ground Squad )
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    Past Out
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    Darwin's Theory ( feat. Trobiz & Kaspa )
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    Things Keep Changin'
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    Average Mc
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    It's Like This ( feat. DIVO )
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