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Слушать бесплатно Method Man (Remix)

Исполнитель: Method Man
Альбом: Tical
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Текст песни:
"Chorus: M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man Hey you get off my clooud Let me get raw with my southpaw style Mover, puffin' on a fat blunt from Cuba It's the Meth-Tical jet to Cal, I'm the buddha Monk on the hunt for machine gun foes I keeps you open like a slug from the shotgun punk Double-barrel, yeah Meth bring it to them proper Partner, you ain't got no wins in me casa Straight up, you movin' too fast so baby wait up Took one, added seven more now you eight up Get on down wit' your bad self Get on down, listen to the sound, come on Few can ever get this whole commit legit See you all up in my dick But you don't know shit, uh-huh What's your definition of a real emcee From what you dedicated, hey it must be me Meth-Tical, a lewd descendant of the loud hip-hop I go on to the break of dawn, and just don't stop Give me the green light, and the sign one way Have you had your meth today Huh, move it in, move it out Stick it in, pull it out Shake it up, shake it down Come on down, Meth-Tical Oh I often pray that I will But today I am still Just a... Chorus M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man Rrrappers can't get with the style extra wicked Rap flow is bangin' like butter on a biscuit A tisket, a tasket I'm not tryin' to have it Mic flow show up and try to grab it ? ? I breaks it down, I gets loud for my crowd Filthy, dirty like a worm underground Turn into a crazy early bird, that's my word Before I kick the bucket I'm a kick 'em to the dirt Check out the cloud, smoke out from the mouth Other brothers got mad love (?) style for the hood, hey Enter the square if you dare Without a fro, I'm so raw that I'm real I'm goin' to the country, I'm goin' to the fair To see the senorita, with flowers in her hair And get mine, cuz she love me long time Bartender bring more wine Get in line for the... Chorus M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man M-E-T, H-O-D, Man Here I am, here I am, the Method Man Wu-Tang, killer bees on the swarm, it ain't safe no more 1994, the rugged raw "
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