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Слушать бесплатно The Master Butcher's Apron

Исполнитель: Carcass
Альбом: Surgical Steel
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"The sun never sets The blood never dries The selfless sacrifice Of the butchers maligned The sun never sets The blood never dries Lest we forget The sun never sets Teardrops never dry This deathless bloodshed Of the whetted knives For your sons you never wept The fruitless sacrifice Of the master butchers Never trusted in the dark Pecuniary villeinage A decaying realm to rapine and plunder Like maggots colonizing Contagious disease contaminating Expansionist plague to pillage & conquer The union of cruciate & saltire The callous cruciate & saltire To beneficiate the graveyard of empire In the name of his tyrannical majesty To serve the imperialist tragedy A cruel serving sovereignty A subjugating murderous monarchy Recollections of the past, revised, laundered, tainted & poisoned But I'll raise a toast to the memory of those who served in the West African squadron Merciful overlords In the name of diabolical oligarchy In the kingdom of demise rules supremacy Solipsistic crowned nobility Stern reigning gunboat diplomacy Recollections of the past, revised, condemn, taint & poison But I'll raise my glass to the memory of the wretches who Served in the preventative squadron I salute Those who tugged at the master butcher's apron strings The sun never sets The blood never dried The fruitless sacrifice Of the butchers benign The sun it never sets The blood never dries Lest we forget That the master butchers still whet their knives "
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