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Исполнитель: Carcass
Альбом: Swansong
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Текст песни:
(3:48)(Walker/Steer) Lost Forever, A Whole Generation Of Pathetic Lost Souls, With No Meaning No Depth, They're Already Dead, Before It Gets Old, Anonymous, Blank, No Individuality, Uniformed, A Wholesale, Blanket Identity, From The Day That They're Born, - Another Generation To Mourn, What Choice For A New Generation? Another Generation Under Sedation, Flocking Like Sheep, The Instinctual Herd, As Fashion Dictates, Primitively Seduced, Commonly Reduced, Resigned To Their Fate, Another Useless, Faceless Degeneration, Like The One Which Precedes, Acknowledging, A Bleak Existence, To Be Spent On It's Knees, - The Pattern It Seeds, What Choice For A New Generation, Another Generation Under Sedation, Generation Hexed, Just Another Useless Generation ... Hexed Trapped Together, Another Wasted Generation Is Sold, With No Meaning, No Depth, They're There To Be Bled, Never Breaking The Mould, Anonymous, Blank, No Individuality, Misinformed, A Wholesale, Blinkered Non-Entity, On It's Knees Born, - Another Generation To Scorn, What Choice For A New Generation? Another Generation Under Sedation, Self Suppressed, Generation Vexed, Ha, Self Oppressed, Just Another Generation Hexed,
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