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Слушать бесплатно I'll Do It All

Исполнители: feat. Latoiya Williams
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"(feat. LaToiya Williams) [LaToiya Williams + (Busta)] I-iiii-iiiih, I never thought Thaaaaaaat I, could fiiiind (excuse me miss) Someone, so special (can I have a word wit'chu baby) [Busta Rhymes] Miss can I get a second to speak and quietly mention That I am so into who you are, can I get your attention My observations of you creates conversations for you And if you got a little time, I got the patience for you Okay? Good, you givin me the time to talk? While I figure it out and sort what I'm tryin to say, let's walk Just tryin to keep it gutter, respectfully I won't stutter Don't you agree, we look better when we walk with each other? I've seen you many times, yes I've encountered many dimes I'm feelin somethin special with us, it's just one of the many signs I think that we have to look forward to our go-through Any war with you regardless what it is I'm tryin to score with you Sometimes I think and wonder especially through rain and thunder If I'd ever find the one to ride when I'm on top or under Until we reach the end, ma with love as I be your friend Oh; here you can take my number, I hope we can speak again [Chorus One: LaToiya Williams] No matter how mister, no doubt I'll die wit'cha Until the end of life, lay down on the ground wit'cha I'll give my life to you; I hope it all comes true Ready to start for you, I give all my heart to you And when together I hope we never fall apart you know Now that it feels so good; our thoughts are understood [Busta Rhymes] I'd like to learn from ya, but I'm 'bout to turn from ya It's been about a week and I ain't even heard from ya Is it somethin at all or did I just bump in and fall And even though you did I see how you was reluctant to call But it's nothin to crawl before we walk (OOH) listen And it's nothin to stall before we talk - look To tell the truth I'm happy I found you and that I can be around you And thus I'm diggin you, I ain't just tryin to pound you I'm only tryin to crown you and wife you and wedding gown you Regardless what I'm with, shorty seem like she always down to just spend a little time and then CLICK, you know that kind of chemistry The recipe to then SIP, and a little bit of wine Mami I like your kind that light the fireworks and bombs up The type of chick I wanna talk about when I call my moms up Until the love is empty I credit the one who sent me The most BEAUTIFULLEST woman and she ridin with me [Chorus Two: LaToiya Williams] (I'll do it all) I'll do it all wit'cha, go through any door wit'cha It doesn't matter I will, go against the law wit'cha Just know you live through me; your love is all I need If you ain't know you make me, no one's ever shown you baby To tell the truth {?} you've got me goin crazy Your love so real to me; and that's all that I, can see [LaToiya Williams] This is a thing I wanna feel forever, and I ain't goin nowhere Cause you mean so much to me No matter how my people try to doubt ya, I know the truth about ya It doesn't matter to me Baby I love you and I always told ya, I'm always here to hold ya Cause you do so much for me No matter how they try they can't deceive us, nothin can come between us Cause you mean so much to me [Busta Rhymes] Listen; trust me and I will trust you, I ain't into tryin to fuss boo Deeper than any lust, I'm only tryin to mindfuck you That's probably why and maybe I can nickname you my baby Now that you made me a man you're officially now my lady Despite the stormy weather I cherish your love forever And nourish everything we have 'til we grow old together I'll never trick you, mislead or try to be shaky wit'chu I only wanna make all the rest of my babies wit'chu [Chorus One w/ ad libs + Chorus Two w/ ad libs] "
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