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    "Blackout -Allen Watts
    专辑:A State Of Trance 2014
    To Armin van Buuren, the sound of music has become a natural high,
    a sanctuary, and the stimulus in life. With each year of his career passing,
    his role in electronic dance music has become more important. If anything,
    he inspires music lovers with his weekly radio show. Based on that show,
    is the annual compilation series, loved and anticipated by fans,
    music lovers and dance addicts. So here it is, A State of Trance 2014,
    mixed and compiled by no one less than Armin van Buuren.
    2014 is going to be a year to remember for the Dutch DJ and his fans.
    Within the course of 6 weeks, he'll celebrate the 650th episode of the
    A State of Trance radio show with no less than 9 events in cities all
    across the globe. Broadcast live, these celebrations reach out to millions
    of listeners. Next to that, Armin also hosts his 'Armin Only - Intense'
    world tour this year, with more than 20 dates in cities such as New York,
    Sydney, Johannesburg, Moscow and more. Next to touring the world,
    Armin also spends a great deal of time on the weekly A State of Trance radio show.
    Going strong for nearly 13 years, it was and still is one of the driving forces
    in his career. So is the award-winning A State of Trance compilation series.
    A State of Trance 2014 features a great deal of brand new tracks,
    exclusive productions and remixes, mixed in only the way Armin van Buuren can.
    Setting forth the 'On The Beach' and 'In The Club' themes,
    Armin features a collab with Andrew Rayel, a brand new Gaia and tracks by
    Aly & Fila, Andrew Bayer, Gareth Emery, Protoculture, MarLo, Inge Bergmann,
    Allen Watts, Alexander Popov and many more. New found jewels of renowned names,
    brilliant discoveries by talents on the rise, you'll find all of 2014
    essentials in trance right on these two mixes. This is 2014, etched into music.
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    Blackout (Radio Edit)
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