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Исполнитель: Little Richard
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Текст песни:
"Well, you wake up in the morning You hear the work bell ring And they march you to the table To see the same old thing Ain't no food upon the table And no pork up in the pan But you better not complain, boy You get in trouble with the man Let the midnight special Shine a light on me Shine a light on me Shine a light on me Let the midnight special Shine a ever-lovin light on me Yonder come miss Rosie How in the world did you know By the way she wears her apron And the clothes she wore Umbrella on her shoulder Piece of paper in her hand She come to see the governor She want to free her man If you're ever in Houston, Well you'd better do the right You'd better not gamble And you better not fight (at all) Or the sheriff will grab you And the boys will bring you down The next thing you know boy, Well you're prison bound "
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