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Треки альбома
  • 1
  • 2
    I Need Love
  • 3
    You Opened My Eyes
  • 4
    One of a Kind
  • 5
    A Little More Time
  • 6
  • 7
    Falling in Love
  • 8
    Definite Goodbye
  • 9
    Song For Noa
  • 10
    Say You Will
  • 11
  • 12
    Run Away with You
  • 13
    Love is Still Alive
  • 14

    Текст песни
    "He's a kid, with a dream
    but he's different from the average teens
    Upper class, respected family fancy house,
    they've got the money
    but his life is not as fun as it seems
    Daddys boy, goes to school doing well
    he's got the best grades too as a doctor,
    or a lawyer professor,
    or a teacher he has to make his parents dream come true
    But he wants to be a Rockstar, oh oh
    With long curly hair he is bangin' his head Rockstar, oh oh
    The girls are getting wild they try to get him into bed
    He's a Rockstar, oh oh
    The crowd is getting crazy
    They are screaming his name Rockstar,oh oh
    Leaving the show with an MTV-host called Elaine
    Every day, after school he found a way to earn a buck or two
    When he'd saved, just every penny in a jar,that he was hiding
    He went out and bought his first guitar
    Brought it home,
    Sneaked inside locked the door to his own room to hide picked it up,
    It was a Gibson plugged it in, and turned the amp on
    It was time to make his dream come alive
    He's gonna be a Rockstar oh oh
    Posing for his fans covered with chewinggum tatoos
    Like a Rockstar oh oh
    Always takes his limo to his giant swimming pool
    Rockstar oh oh
    Taking photos for the cover of
    Billboad magazine A Rockstar oh oh
    With a tightest black leatherpants
    And the biggest mouth you've seen....
    But when his daddy came home he took his guitar away,
    Music is out of the question and it's starting from today
    I don't care if you say you want to catch the moon
    you're gonna get an education or you're be on your own
    Well I don't want your money and
    I don't need your advise I will sleep on the street and
    I'll just roll the dize
    Living day by day like the real rockers do,
    Practise for my break, that is what I'm gonna do !
    So give me my guitar back ...
    I'm gonna be a Rockstar, oh oh
    Strawberry champagne, I'm having breakfast in my bed
    Rockstar, oh oh
    I refuse to walk a carpet as long as it's not red
    I'm a Rockstar I tried to land my jetplane down on
    Sunset boulevard Rockstar oh oh
    The police wanted me arrested I said 'Put it on my card....
  • 15
    It's Not Over Yet
  • 16
    Efharisto (Remix)
  • 17
    A Little More Time (Neomaster Energy Club Mix)
  • 18
    A Little More Time (Polyakov Radio Edit)
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