Boney M. - Nightflight To Venus (Album)

Слушать He Was A Steppenwolf - Boney M. бесплатно

P26 июня 1978
Треки альбома
  • 1
    Nightflight To Venus
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  • 3
    Painter Man
  • 4
    He Was A Steppenwolf

    Текст песни
    "Come on and listen to my tale
    It's a strange and sorry tale
    That's gonna rock you
    About a man, the drifting kind
    Let the story now unwind
    It's gonna shock you
    Some people said he was a ghost
    Wouldn't wanna be his host
    Or just to meet him
    And if he ever came their way
    They'd be sticks and stones, I'd say
    That would grieve him
    He was a Steppenwolf, a lost and lonely one
    He was a Steppenwolf, forever on the run
    He was a Steppenwolf, with a forgotten past
    He was a Steppenwolf, who found a love at last
    He was a Steppenwolf
    The girl he met was out-of-sight
    Though she walked the streets at night
    He didn't mind it
    She seemed as happy as a song
    And if anything was wrong
    He didn't find it
    They used to laugh and dance and drink
    And not ever did he think of a payday
    No matter where they ever were
    Every day he spent with her was a hey-day
    He was a Steppenwolf, and not a handsome man
    He was a Steppenwolf, who didn't know her plan
    He was a Steppenwolf, not very bright at all
    He was a Steppenwolf, just riding for a fall
    He was a Steppenwolf
    One day she said "It's time you knew
    That I started up with you
    For just one reason
    You're gonna do just what I want
    'cause there's something that I want
    And I ain't teasing
    My life is empty all around
    Nothing that I ever found
    Would fulfill me
    So for a while I'll be with you
    When I say that we're through
    You must kill me!"
    He was a Steppenwolf, He cried "It isn't fair"
    He was a Steppenwolf, "You know how much I care"
    He was a Steppenwolf, She said "This is the deal"
    He was a Steppenwolf, He saw this was for real
    He was a Steppenwolf
    He was a Steppenwolf, they spent a long last night
    He was a Steppenwolf, and with a smile she died
    He was a Steppenwolf, a lost and lonely one
    He was a Steppenwolf, forever on the run
    He was a Steppenwolf
  • 5
    King Of The Road
  • 6
    Rivers Of Babylon
  • 7
  • 8
    Brown Girl In The Ring
  • 9
    Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night
  • 10
    Heart Of Gold
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