Blue System - Seeds Of Heaven (Album)

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    Testamente D'Amelia

    Текст песни
    "I had a dream - it was so though
    An endless street - a restless love
    She walked alone on the lonely road
    That's the story old friend told me
    She was seventeen
    She walked through the midnight rain
    Captured by a burning flame
    A car crashed - can't you see
    That's a minute passed to eternity
    She was seventeen - baby can't you see
    She was seventeen
    Oh we're crying out el testamente d'amelia
    'cause she's dying much too young ...........
    Let us pray
    Oh, we're crying out el testamente d'amelia
    'cause she's dying in the sun ...............
    Let us pray
    She said to me it's time to go
    Her blood was running through the snow
    Got a date in paradise - I saw the tears in her eyes
    You see - she was seventeen
    Oh, every time her life been down
    Heard a voice - oh, on the ground
    Dead was just a breath away
    Oh, I heard when she said to me : I'm seventeen
    Oh she said to me : I was seventeen
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