Blue System - Twilight (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Magic Symphony
  • 2
    Love Me On The Rocks
  • 3
    Save Me
  • 4
    Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)
  • 5
    Madonna Blue

    Текст песни
    "Oh, come on, love me, you can feel the fire
    I'm drawning in my lonely tears
    How many hearts are lost in my desire ?
    See all my love and fears
    That's the way babe - you want my sweet devotion
    I'll be there if you want me
    Come see my heart is burning in emotion
    I'm not your souvenir
    Madonna blue - come kiss me, kiss me baby
    Madonna blue - touch me, touch me now
    I'm gonna make you feel like a lady
    I know heaven must have send you
    Madonna blue - come love to love me baby
    Madonna blue - oh, feel my heart tonight
    My first hello, oh, i want you my lady
    Is your love to good to be true ?
    Live for love baby - the diamonds are forever
    When the nights begin to drive me down
    The day will be good - we have it so good together
    Love makes the world go round
    Don't talk to strangers - only to surrenders
    Oh baby, i'm too young to die
    Oh hear my heart - come on, love me tender
  • 6
    Call Me Dr.Love (A New Dimension)
  • 7
    Little Jeannie
  • 8
    Carry Me Oh Carrie
  • 9
    Big Yellow Taxi
  • 10
    Everything I Own
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