Bill Withers - Watching You Watching Me

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Oh Yeah!
  • 2
    Something That Turns You On
  • 3
    Don't Make Me Wait
  • 4
    Heart In Your Life
  • 5
    Watching You Watching Me
  • 6
    We Cound Be Sweet Lovers
  • 7
    You Just Can't Smile It Away
  • 8
    Steppin' Right Along
  • 9
    Whatever Happens

    Текст песни
    "Whatever happens
    We'll have some love along the way
    But it ain't easy
    We'll look for some words of love to say
    And smile..mmmmm
    It may happen anyway
    And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight'
    And whatever happens
    They're'll be some time along the way
    When it ain't easy
    It just can't be sunshine everyday
    We'll smile…mmmmm
    And be happy, anyway
    And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight'
    I've got you in my life
    Together we can reach the higher ground
    We'll be alright
    Just as long as you're around
    Girl, I won't let you down
    Whatever happens
    There'll be some good times, and some bad
    But it ain't easy
    Let's just remember the good times that we had
    And just smile…mmmm
    And be happy, anyway
    And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight' (x2)
  • 10
    You Try To Find A Love
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