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Треки альбома
  • 1
    I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
  • 2
    Heaven's On Fire
  • 3
    Burn Bitch Burn
  • 4
    Get All You Can Take
  • 5
    Lonely Is The Hunter
  • 6
    Under The Gun
  • 7
    Thrills In The Night
  • 8
    While The City Sleeps

    Текст песни
    What goes on behind closed doors, private wounds, open sores
    You're your own worst enemy and cheap thrills bring you to your knees
    It's thumbs down for someone you know, and it's easy come and easy go

    Burn your bridges, take what you can get
    Go for the throat 'cause you paid your debt
    Livin' well is the best revenge, so give 'em hell

    While the city sleeps - it's all there in black and white
    While the city sleeps - through the eye of the needle, gotta thread your life
    While the city sleeps - while the city sleeps

    It's a hit or miss, an eye for an eye, live for today, and don't ask why
    For better or worse, you bought and sold
    They love you while you're hot and leave you when you're cold


    While the city sleeps - yeah, better run for your life
    Take your troubles to the night
    While the city sleeps - yeah, beggars, thieves and losers, there's no relief
    While the city sleeps - there's no relief, while the city sleeps
    While the city sleeps - yeah


    While the city sleeps - while the city sleeps
  • 9
    Murder In High Heels
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