Jay-Z - In My Lifetime Vol. 1 (Album)

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  • 1
    Intro , A Million and One Questions , Rhyme No More
  • 2
    The City Is Mine ( feat. Blackstreet )
  • 3
    I Know What Girls Like ( feat. P. Diddy & KIM, Lil )
  • 4
    Imaginary Player
  • 5
    Streets Is Watching
  • 6
    Friend or Foe '98
  • 7
    Lucky Me

    Текст песни
    "How can you fairly ask something from the outside looking in?
    There's gotta be them times you'll be wrong. Nah Mean?
    How can a mother fucka go round a hate a nigga
    he never even met that he don't even know and shit?
    I think this rap shit is all beef
    Ya'll don't even know everyday I'm livin with stress
    Got up out the streets you think a nigga could rest
    Can't even enjoy myself at a party unless
    I'm on the dance floor hot ass vest
    You think I'm freakin' these chicks right?
    I'try not to brush against they chest
    You get a lawsuit for shit like that, I feel trapped
    Swear to everything when I leave this earth
    It's gon' be on both feet, never knees in the dirt
    You could try me fucka but when I squeeze it hurts, fine
    We'll lose two lives, yours and mines
    Gimme any amount of time dont let Ms. Carter grieve
    at the funeral parlor drippin' tears on my sleeve
    Told the judge didn't budge it was him or me
    and I ain't trying to be hard but I'm guilty as charged
    Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God
    And pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars...Lucky Me
    [Chorus: Karen Anderson]
    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me.
    I hate all girls with alterior motives
    That's why I'm twenty plus years old, no sons no daughters
    Hate putting my life in the hands of fake promoters
    Hear the hate in my voice right? I hate that you noticed
    Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own
    Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own
    Hate that I can't roam the street without the clip and chrome
    Knowing one day Im'a have to flip, c'mon
    You know the shit don't stop 'til the Crist don't pop
    And you have to kill a nigga and your wrist don't lock
    I'm trapped the whole worlds against me in fact,
    It aint no turning back. Bring It On
    Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
    Can I live without y'all niggas saying I floss too much?
    Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
    Steady looking for flaws through us.... Lucky Me
    [Chorus: Karen Anderson, Jay-Z]
    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    You only know what you see,
    (Since I was 4 years old, I been told, everything that glitters ain't gold)
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    (And now that I've arrived
    I see those truths unfold before my eyes in this world so cold)
    Nigga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
    But I know any type of success breeds envy
    I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
    Leave my friends in a circle pouring out Henny
    But G's is heaven bound so how I'm gon' receive
    Anything y'all pour to the ground next time throw it up
    And ain't nothing changed so even in my afterlife I show it up
    Dont grieve for me my art remains
    like a dart from the speaker to your heart
    Spiritually through the portal now my words as a mortal
    Plan to leave without a fight I plant a seed I give life
    Though I can't see past the girls greed to call her wife
    Next time your thinking heist better be precise
    Cause I'm fully prepared. One of us is gon' leave here
    I have no regrets even though I wanna see grow
    My godsons Boogie, Sonny and Rimo
    [Chorus x 4]
  • 8
  • 9
    Who You Wit II
  • 10
    Face Off ( feat. Sauce Money )
  • 11
    Real Niggaz ( feat. Too Short )
  • 12
    Rap Game,Crack Game
  • 13
    Where I'm From
  • 14
    You Must Love Me
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