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Слушать бесплатно I Wanna Dance

Исполнитель: Melodie MC
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Текст песни:
"A. And through the mighty speakers I will say what I wanna say (So give it up, give, give it up) for the Melodie Who fucking gives a shit about what you say, broadcaster DJ? To me you're nothing but a big joke And if stick to your style then you stick to being broke Listen, this is the part that you've been missing Better know now what to say before you muther fuckin' dissing Me, Melodie profession is MC And by the way I think I speak for the S. L. "
  • Give Me Back Your Love
  • Walking Thru Fire
  • The Ultimate Experience
  • Real Man
  • Phenomia
  • No!
  • Mush It Up
  • Move On
  • Melody
  • Loose Control
  • Give Me Back Your Love (808 Remix)
  • Fake