Dj Bobo - Dance With Me (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
  • 2
    Somebody Dance With Me
  • 3
    Take Control
  • 4
  • 5
    Keep On Dancing

    Текст песни
    "Now give me a beat
    Dance sweat move your body
    Jump around start to party
    Enjoy yourself you are not are stereotype
    Express yourself then you feel alright all night
    Because it's party time that's why I'm here
    Kicking a rhyme get up get down
    Get into break stop
    Four and three and two and one
    Here we go lets have some fun
    "Fresh music" is what its all about
    Now all the ladies scream and shout
    Now get crazy and starts humping
    Dancing jumping and act like a wild thing
    I got the rhythm which keeps you pumping
    Cause my singing lady makes you jumping
    Just keep on dancing,
    Just keep on dancing
    Right now, right now
    Just keep on dancing,
    Just keep on dancing
    Right now uh, uh ya
    Move your feet to the rhythm of the beat
    Pump up the volume feel the heat
    Turn up the bass and get steady
    Let the music move you get ready
    Shake it break it just take it
    Get on the dancefloor cause I make it
    Rhythm and bass give you the power
    Like another nuclear shower
    Once again the place is grooving
    The records playing the crowd is moving
    Pump up the bass in the place
    Party people no time to waste
    No matter how fast you walk, I'm faster
    Don't let me get to you, I'm the master
    I play the hits and you start the party
    Come on girl lets pump that body !
    See'est la musique qui me brûle le sang
    Qui fait me souvenir?.
    See'est l'amour qui fait la vie possible
    See'est l'amour qui fait la vie possible
    Let the bass go
    Pump up the volume for your key
    Go? go? go?
  • 6
    I Want Your Body
  • 7
    Uh Uh
  • 8
    Let's Groove On
  • 9
    Somebody Dance With Me (Italian Mix)
  • 10
  • 11
    Move Your Feet
  • 12
    Keep On Dancing (12'' New Fashion Mix)
  • 13
    Somebody Dance With Me (Dmc Remix)
  • 14
    Bobo Id ''1''
  • 15
    Bobo Id ''2''
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