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Треки альбома

  • 1
    Waterloo (Alternate Mix)
  • 2
    Medley (Pick A Bale Of Cotton / On Top Of Old Smokey / Midnight Special)
  • 3
    Thank You for the Music (Doris Day Version)
  • 4
    Summer Night City (Full Length Version)
  • 5
    Lovelight (Alternative Mix)
  • 6
    Dream World
  • 7
    Voulez-Vous (Extended Remix, 1979 US promo)
  • 8
    On And On And On (Full Length Version)
  • 9
    Put On Your White Sombrero

    Текст песни

    Put on your white sombrero
    saddle your horse, my dear
    and ride off into the sunset
    you’d better go
    for there is no
    place for you here
    like an old fashioned hero
    you stand before me
    oh, you think our life
    is a movie
    my world is real
    I live and feel
    and I can do
    without you

    Put on your white sombrero
    your red bandana too
    think of this day as a showdown
    goodbye my friend
    this is the end
    for me and you
    now be a bold vaquero
    don’t show your feelings
    I’ll cry while
    you’re disappearing
    into the night
    all dressed in white
    unchained and free
    without me

    Put on your white sombrero
    like all the cowboys do
    go find a sweet señorita
    somebody meek
    who’ll never speak
    harshly to you
    you’re such a caballero
    proud, never bending
    I want someone
    who will take me
    just as I am
    I need a man
    who is in rhyme
    with his time
    you’d never take me
    just as I am
    I need a man
    who is in rhyme
    with his time
  • 10
    I Am The City

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