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Исполнитель: The Weeknd
Альбом: Echoes Of Silence
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-XO- Shots of the Henny Bottles of Patron Blunts to your face You don't wanna sing no more Lost your C notes Cabbed all day Took the bus back home Evictions on your door Blame it on the weed Blame it on the booze Blame it on the night lights Lights passin' you Yeah Just don't blame it on me That you wanna come and party With a n*gga like me Cause I get it You're built like a goddess And it seems like you been stressin' Specially when ya nose red From the case special diet coke You need more bread ‎Now you got no rent You blow that money money You try to window shop You blow another hundred Shes f*cking goons in the day, Hipster nights downtown And ya daddy don't know you're out If they won't let you in You know where to find me Cause if you wanna go again You can always call me Cause all we ever do is love Open up ya mind you can find the love Girl you ain't alone We all been in love Baby just be honest XO ohhhh Don't you forget XO Don't you worry 'bout a thing XO We'll be everything you need Just believe XO Yeah XO Yea woah I love it when your eyes are red Ah yea Are you on my cloud yet? Cause I got a brand new cam Can we video feed? Can we POV Ohh ohh I wanna catch you at your best, ohh When your hair's a mess You look so depressed And you're filled with regret
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