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Слушать бесплатно Wot's... Uh The Deal

Исполнитель: Pink Floyd
Альбом: Obscured By Clouds
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Текст песни:
eaven sent the promised land Looks alright from where I stand 'cause I'm the man on the outside looking in Waiting on the first step Show me where the key is kept Point me down the right line 'cause it's time To let me in from the cold, turn my lead into gold 'cause there's a chill wind blowing in my soul And I think I'm growing old Flash... the red is... wot's... uh deal Got to make it to the next meal Try to keep up with the turning of the wheel Mile after mile, stone after stone You turn to speak but you're alone Million miles from home you're on your own Fly kite by candle light With her by my side Wish she prefers we never stir again Someone sent the promised land
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