Aerosmith - Rocks (Album)

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Треки альбома
  • 1
    Back In The Saddle
  • 2
    Last Child
  • 3
    Rats In The Cellar
  • 4
  • 5
    Sick As A Dog
  • 6
    Nobody's Fault

    Текст песни
    ord I must be dreaming
    What else could this be
    Everybody's screaming
    Running' for the sea

    Holy lands are sinking
    Birds take to the sky
    The prophets are all stinking drunk
    I know the reason why

    Eyes are full of desire
    Mind is so ill at ease
    Everything is on fire
    Shit piled up to the knees
    Out of rhyme or reason
    Everyone's to blame
    Children of the season
    Don't be lame
    Sorry, you're so sorry
    Don't be sorry
    Man has known it
    Now he's blown it
    Up-side down and hell's the only way
    We did an awful job
    And now they say it's Nobody's Fault

    Old st. Andres
    Seven years ago
    Shove it up their richters
    Red light stop and go
    Noble men of courage
    Listen with their ears
    Spoke but how discouraging
    When no one really hears

    One of these day's you'll be sorry
    Too many houses on stilt
    Three milion years or just a story
    Four on the floor up to the hilt

    Man has known it
  • 7
    Get The Lead Out
  • 8
    Lick And A Promise
  • 9
    Home Tonight
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