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Исполнитель: Aerosmith
Альбом: Pandora's Box CD-3
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Текст песни:
1971, we all heard the starter gun New York is such a pity But at Max's Kansas City we won We all shot shit in the bar With Johnny O' Toole and his scar And then old Clive Davis said He's surely gonna make us a star Just the way But with all his style I could see in his eyes Thet we is goin' on trial It was no surprise The boys kept kickin' ass As usual time would tell But some bitch in the choir Threw water on the fires of hell She loved to shove and tell Lord, she loved to tell But with all our style You could see in our eyes That we is still on trial And it was no surprise No surprise No surprise No surprise Midnight lady Situation fetal vaccinate yo ass with yo phonograph needle I say look it here A friend of mine Scratch like you need calomine Flamingo boots, soles a creakin' Still in love and Puerto Rican too Ridin' on the wheels of hell Smokin' in our axle grease The backstage is rockin' And we're copping from the local polica That's right, the local police Or the juctice of peace But with all our style You could see in our eyes That we is still on trial Baby, it's no surprise No surprise No surprise No surprise Rock n' roll, junkie whore Got my foot inside the door
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